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Does my Child need an IEP?

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Are you ready to explore your child's IEP?

As a parent, you want what's best for your child each and every day, but it can feel that nobody at school seems to understand exactly what your child needs for a successful school day.

I get it. I've been in the meetings with parents who just want to be heard!

I can't wait to help you.

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Imagine if...

You could breathe easy when sending ​your child to school.

You could stop dreading every ​interaction with school staff.

You slept better at night knowing your ​child was making progress at school, in ​the skills that mean the most for their ​future.

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Hi, I'm Kathryn!

I can remember the first time I walked in a meeting and saw the faces of the parents having to process all the information being thrown at them. It was overwhelming to watch and I never want a parent to feel that way!!I

With over 15 years of experience navigating IEP meetings as a special education teacher and compliance specialist, I can help you navigate this process to secure thousands of dollars of IEP services,


I'm a proud member of the Master IEP Coach® Network and I can't wait to help you on your IEP journey!

Helping You with Solutions,


What we can do together:

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We'll get started immediately on ​your biggest IEP concerns.

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Knowing how to clearly share your ​concerns is key. I'll show you how.

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Meeting Attendance

You'll never have to walk into a ​meeting alone, again.

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Trouble Shooting

I'll be here to help you every ​step of the way, so nothing feels ​out of control again.

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Email, Text, or GoogleMeet. You get to pick how we work together!

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Your child's success and ​independence will

always​ be our focus.​

You'll finally be able to ​get all the IEP ​paperwork and emails ​unde​r​ control!

Does any of this

sound like you?

Do you get frustrated with not knowing what ​your child is doing all day at school?

Are you worried your child isn't learning enough ​or their IEP services aren't the right ones?

Do you want to be able to walk into your next ​IEP meeting and NOT have any surprises?

That's exactly why we should work together!

Let's Talk!

I know trusting someone to help you ​with your child's IEP is a BIG deal.

Let's get to know each other to see if ​we're a good match for fixing your ​child's IEP!

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Stop losing sleep over ​IEP meetings!

Your child and your family need you for so ​many things. From deciding what's for dinner ​to scheduling therapy appointments, and ​running errands on a Saturday.

School struggles should not be stealing so ​much of your energy.

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COLLABORATION is key. I ​will help you build ​bridges with the IEP​ team,​ not burn them.

Data and research will ​be at the core of all your ​IEP decisions and ​requests​.​

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Together we'll get the ​school in sync with your​ family values to mee​t your ​c​hild's needs!


Special Education Paraprofessional

I have worked with Kathryn for a few years. Her attentiveness is remarkable to both her students and special education teachers. She was diligent in ensuring the students were receiving their correct services and making progress. She established that everyone had the tools necessary to help the students make progress. She shows her wisdom through loving the children she works with. I would trust her with my own children.



Elementary Son

Kathryn was an amazing help educating our family on what to expect at our son's future IEP meeting. We felt well equipped and prepared to ask the right questions which led us to getting the optimal assistance in aiding our son to his very best. I would recommend any parent who had a child on an IEP to seek guidance through Kathryn before any IEP meeting. I am so thankful for Kathryn's guidance for our son!


6 year Daughter

My little one needed extra time and attention for her therapies in order to move forward in her language disorders. Exploring the world of language disorders can be confusing. Thanks to Kathryn for all her help in navigating, supporting and offering help when we needed. My daughter has improved dramatically and is now able to interact with her peers and teachers without frustration.


Let's get started!

Check my calendar and schedule ​a time that works for you!

When we work ​together you will get:

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Email Support

I'll answer all your IEP questions ​within one business day.

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IEP Strategies that Work!

No more googling at 3am to figure ​out what you need to do next.

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Meeting Support

Maybe you need me at your meeting, maybe ​you don't. No matter if I'm simply helping you ​prep or sitting at the IEP table with you... ​you will never be alone!

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10 IEP Questions to Ask!

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IMPORTANT: I am not a lawyer and I do not give legal advice. All advocacy and IEP decisions are your own.